two month faces

Two months have come and gone since Elena’s birth and I owe you all an update.

We are settling in as a family of four (can’t forget the dog!) and our little sweet pea is nearly out of the newborn phase. There is much to say, but for now, here are a few pictures that I took for her two-month photo session.

This girl makes a ridiculous amount of faces and she absolutely cracks me up and makes my heart melt all at the same time.

asking elena to sit like a lady for her photos

“you want me to do WHAT!?”

“i don’t think so, mom!”

“this is sooo much better!”

“i’m totally allergic to sitting like a lady. see!?”

“oh? if i sit like a lady i’ll get a milk snack!?

“hmm. let me think about that… “

“alright, here you go!”

“now where’s my milk!?”

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